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HR Services

“Providing HR Solutions before they become HR Problems”

Our HR Consultant is available to assist you and your company with a variety of HR needs and challenges. Whether you need help on a specific project, one time help, or help on an ongoing basis, call us today and obtain professional advice and guidance.

Services Include:

Employment Law Compliance

Staying current with Employment Laws and Regulations can be an overwhelming task. Failing to comply with these laws and regulations can often lead to hefty fines. Stay focused on your business and benefit from the knowledge and experience of a certified professional that will help you stay in compliance.

Recruiting, Screening & Interviewing

Selecting the right employees is a critical HR function. Let our HR Consultant handle any or all parts of the selection process. Get help with job ads & placement, receipt of applications, initial applicant screening, recommendation of qualified candidates and interview assistance.

HR Policy Formulation

HR policies provide structure in the workplace and ensure fairness and consistency for all employees. Policies for issues like attendance, disciplinary action, employee grievances and codes of conduct should be clearly written and defined to avoid the risk of litigation. Our HR Consultant can review your current policies to ensure compliance or help you formulate policies to fit the needs of your organization.

Employee Handbooks

An Employee Handbook is the easiest way to communicate to employees what is expected of them and what they can expect from you, their employer.
A handbook provides a clear set of rules, expectations and guidelines for employees and serves as a point of reference should a dispute occur. Our HR professional can review your current handbook or build one from scratch custom tailored to your needs.


Our HR Consultant can assist you with new employee orientation, Discrimination & Sexual Harassment training as well as employment law training for office staff with HR responsibilities.

Employee Relations

Handling employee disputes or grievances can be tricky. Our HR professional can help facilitate a fair & prompt resolution.

Unemployment Claims

Stop your unemployment tax rate from rising! Get help with successfully challenging unemployment claims.